Page Impressions Ltd Blogcetera: February 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Is BT Infinity worth the hassle?

Today BT installed BT's flagship product BT Infinity to our property.  I was looking forward to superfast broadband as promised by BT's adverts.  Unfortunately the service comes with a number of faults.
1. The range of the wireless router appears to be rather less than 4m.  This has resulted in the need to have the router balanced on a bookcase around the corner from the master socket in order to set up a "line of sight" connection to my internet enable TV.  Very poor.
2. The installing engineer from BT Openreach who installed the new master socket has disconnected all my home extensions.  This fault didn't become apparent until after he had left.  Despite numerous calls to BT Customer Service, they seem totally unable to stay on the line and have repeatedly dropped the connection.
When I finally did get through I was told that they could not schedule an engineer visit until next week! To cap it all Gnesh then dropped the line again.

So if I have any advice for potential customers of BT Infinity is go elsewhere.  BT are just not fit for purpose. I would not have "upgraded" had I known what a total fiasco BT would make of a simple installation.